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Lowongan Kerja Maksimedia

Lowongan Kerja Maksimedia ~ PT Maksimedia Satyamitra - Founded in 1998, Maksimedia is dedicated to helping clients in all aspects of creating, building, growing, and fully realizing the potential of each communication project through our customized service for corporate and marketing products, covering ‘’below the line’’ and ‘’above the line’’ activities. Our service includes activities from concept to creative design works, copy writing and editing, photography, pre-production, and production that includes printing and in-house video editing. We are currently seeking:

Lowongan Kerja Maksimedia

Account Executive (Code: AE)


* Male/female, Bachelor degree in any discipline (preferably economics)
* 2-3 years experience, self-motivated, and strong analytical skills
* Good time management, presentation skills and fluent in English

Graphics Designer (Code: GD)


* Male/female, Bachelor Degree in Visual Design Communications
* 2-3 years experience in making annual reports designs
* Computer literate and familiar with Macintosh and design software
* Creative thinking and have ability to work under pressure

Please send your application letter, CV and portfolio not later than 19 November 2011 to:

or send to HR Manager, PT Maksimedia Satyamitra
Graha Sucofindo 11th Floor
Jl Raya Pasar Minggu Kav 34, Jakarta 12780

Lowongan Kerja Maksimedia

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