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Lowongan Kerja Bank Mega Syariah

Lowongan Kerja Bank Mega SyariahLowongan Kerja Bank Mega Syariah. PT Bank Mega Syariah journey starts from a conventional commercial bank named PT Tugu Commercial Bank based in Jakarta. In 2001, The Group (now renamed the CT Corporation), a business group that also overshadow PT Bank Mega, Tbk., Trans, and several other companies, the acquisition of PT Bank Tugu to be developed into a sharia bank. The results of these conversions, on August 25, 2004 PT Tugu Commercial Bank official sharia operates under the name of PT Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia. And as of 23 September 2010 the Bank legal entity name was officially changed to PT. Bank Mega Syariah.

Full commitment of PT Mega Corpora (formerly PT Global Investindo) as majority shareholder to make the Bank Mega Syariah as the best Islamic bank, this bank is realized by developing strong through the provision of capital for the progress of Islamic banking and economic development in Indonesia in general. Additional capital from shareholders is the bedrock of the banking market to meet the demands of an ever increasing and competitive. With these efforts, PT Bank Mega Syariah which has the slogan “For All of Us” to grow rapidly and uncontrollably and become a successful Islamic financial institutions to obtain various awards and achievements.

Along with the development of PT Bank Mega Syariah and the desire to fulfill the services offered to the public particularly those related to foreign exchange and international transactions, the date of October 16, 2008 Bank Mega Syariah bearing the title as a foreign exchange bank. This recognition further strengthen the company’s position as the Islamic Banking business which can reach out more broadly for the domestic and international.

In an effort to realize the performance according to the name it bears, PT Bank Mega Syariah always adhered to the principle of openness and caution. Supported by a variety of products and the latest banking facilities, PT Bank Mega Syariah continues to grow and develop until now has 394 network with the composition: 8 branches, 13 sub-branches, 49 Gallery Mega Syariah, and 324 offices Partner Mega Syariah (M2S) scattered in Jabotabek, Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. By combining professionalism and spiritual values ​​that underlie its operations, PT Bank Mega Syariah be present to achieve the vision of “Bank Syariah Kebanggaan Bangsa”.

Lowongan Kerja Bank Mega Syariah

Programmers Officer

• male or female
• Age Max 30 Years
• Education Min S1 Technical Informatics / Information Management
• GPA min 2.75
• Mastering PHP, JQuery, CSS, Java, MySQL, Oracle,
• Experience with programming port

Complete application file sent via e-mail no later than 12 January 2012, by stating the position code in the Subject field of e-mail, example: PO

PT Bank Mega Syariah
HCM Recruitment & Learning Centre Dept.
Jl. Gatot Subroto, Kav 94 Lt 14
e-mail : recruitment@bsmi.co.id

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Lowongan Kerja Bank Mega Syariah

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