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Lowongan Kerja AKR Corporindo

Lowongan Kerja AKR CorporindoLowongan Kerja AKR Corporindo - PT AKR Corporindo Tbk is the leading distributor of energy products, including refined petroleum products in Indonesia, the company was the first private distributors of refined petroleum products in Indonesia, since the deregulation of petroleum distribution in Indonesia. AKR supplies non-subsidized petroleum products, like high speed diesel, fuel oil and industrial oil, to many customers, in mining, industrial, power, and bunker sectors, which contribute significant sales revenue to the company. In 2009, AKR awarded the right to distribute subsidized petroleum in Indonesia for 2010 period. And in 2010, once again AKR awarded the right to distribute subsidized petroleum for 2011 period.

Year 2010, marks the 50th anniversary of AKR Group. We take pride in having built extensive logistics networks in two of the modern consumer giants - Indonesia and more recently in China enabling us to become the largest distributor of chemicals as well as handling bulk and container cargoes from strategic sea and river port sites. Leveraging our network we have become the first and leading private sector distributor of petroleum fuels in Indonesia – a market with significant potential as Government is committed to its de-regulation.

We have grown to become World’s Second largest producer of Sorbitol exporting to multinational companies in over 70 countries. Sorbitol and starch derivatives are produced from tapioca, which grows widely in Indonesia. Indonesia’s vast land reserves offers a sustainable opportunity for our agro based manufacturing group. And we are still investing – recently acquiring control over thermal coal mining rights in Kalimantan – once again drawing on our existing network and logistics expertise to connect the mine to the customer.

In all of these diverse yet vital businesses there is a unifying theme: it is our recurring habit of being early to invest, quick to anticipate and alert to the advantages of change.

Our operations in Indonesia and China are strategic. Our home base is the biggest economy in South East Asia, and we also are in the fastest growth economy in the world, China.

AKR may be 50 today, but it is still a young group in a young country with the spirit and enterprise associated with the new world.

Strong Logistics infrastructures and extensive supply chain capabilities is an integral part of the Company's Trading and Distribution business that enables the company to deliver petroleum and chemical products to its customers across the country. The Company has tank terminals within Indonesia major sea ports, for handling bulk chemicals as well as petroleum, and currently operates in nine major sea ports and six river ports in Indonesia. The logistics division includes diverse assets like tank terminal storage facilities, jetties, sub sea pipe, harbor mobile cranes, bulk trucks, self propelled oil barges, shore crane, excavator, stackers, conveyor, warehouses, forklifts, etc. The Company also leases out/offers logistics services to its customers, by using its strong infrastructures and spare capacities, the company able to maintain strong a value proposition of efficiency and cost efficiencies. In 2006, the company commenced its port logistics operations in five major river ports in China.

With long operational track records of more than 50 years, today AKR is one of the largest basic chemical distributors in Indonesia, supplying range of basic chemicals to wide range of customers in many industries, such as rayon, textile, consumer's goods, glass and paper industries.

In manufacturing, AKR through its subsidiary PT Khalista Lizhou Chemical Industries Ltd. produces Sorbitol, to serve China market.

AKR realizes how important human resources to the performance of the company. Therefore management always attempts to find, develop and place the best people according to their skill and talents. AKR is not only offering positions that suit employees' skills, but also offers attractive career path guidance.

Lowongan Kerja AKR Corporindo

CIVIL ENGINEER (OCVE) - Work Location Jakarta


* Gender: MALE
* Minimum of age: 25 years old
* S1 degree in Civil Engineering from a reputable university, with minimum GPA of 2,75
* Minimum 3 years of working experience in building / construction contractor / consultant
* Able to operate AutoCAD and good knowledge in structure design (SAP, ETABS, etc)

Detail oriented
Be in a team player, but able to work independently; Able to work well in under pressure working environment

Level: Supervisor / Assistant Manager


* Gender: MALE
* Minimum of age: 26 years old
* S1 degree in Law from reputable university, with minimum GPA of 2,75
* Min. 5 years of working experience handling company legal affairs / at law firm
* Good exposure in industrial relation
* Good business exposure, good communication skill, good interpersonal skill, strong analytical skill
* Ready to go to field area
* Fluent in both oral and written English is a plus
* Good computer skills (MS Office)
* Be in a team player, but able to work independently; Able to work well in under pressure working environment

Level: Staff / Supervisor / Asst. Manager
Work Location:  Jawa (Surabaya); Bali; Sulawesi (Pangkep); Sumatera (Lampung, Palembang, Medan); Kalimantan (Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Pontianak)


* Gender: MALE
* Age min. 25 - max. 35 years old
* S1 degree in Economic / Finance / Accounting / Commerce / Engineering from reputable university with minimum GPA of 2.75
* Minimum 2 years of working experience in sales function, experience in selling chemical, commodity products, and petroleum will be excellent
* Good attitude and personality
* Has good exposure in B2B market
* Has good communication skill and good in negotiation, comes with good appearance
* Customer orientation, has good business acumen, good in analytical skill, and detail oriented person
* Fluent in both oral and written English
* Team player but able to be independent

SENIOR SECRETARY (LSEC) - Work Location Jakarta


* Gender : FEMALE
* Age min. 28 - max. 35 years old
* S1 in Secretary
* Minimum 5 years of working experience as a Secretary to Director
* Tidy, detail-oriented, self-driven, good in time management, able to work well under pressure
* Fluent in both oral and written English
* Able to read, speak, write in Mandarin would be an advantage
* Physically and mentally healthy
* Good in computer skill (MS Office), good in typing, and good filing skill
* Excellent in planning skill

Work Location: Jawa, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Pangkep (Sulawesi), Bali


* Male
* Minimum of age: 25 years old, Max: 30 years old
* Diploma / S1 degree in Mechanical / Electrical / Petroleum / Chemical Engineering with minimum GPA of 2,75
* Be in a team player, but able to work independently
* Good computer skills (MS Office)
* Good work ethic and attention to detail.

Interested candidates may send their applications and resume to our email address at


Lowongan Kerja AKR Corporindo

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